The Dabo Swinney saga continues.

We are still seeing fallout of the resurfaced video of a 2016 Dabo Swinney press conference in which the coach made what some consider to be insensitive remarks. While it has mostly been negative, we finally have a Tiger player who has spoken out in support of Swinney.

K.J. Henry is a defensive end for the Clemson Tigers, and he is the first prominent player who has used his platform to promote the goodwill of Swinney.

Henry would address that the video was taken in 2016, as well as share a video of Dabo speaking on social issues in 2020. The latest video would see Swinney take a much lighter tone towards the social issues plaguing our nation.

In the tweet, Henry would state, “How people are quick to point out others flaws before correcting their own is laughable.” He would wrap the tweet up by saying, “y’all stay blessed.”

Many were quick to judge Swinney on social media, and Henry wants to remind those who are judging him that they are not perfect themselves.

In the coming days, we will only begin to see more players speak out in support of Swinney, but the potential is also still there for those who want to shed a negative light on the situation.