Clint Trickett, WVU’s OC Job, and Twitter

(Photo by Marshall Athletics)

Clint Trickett, who played for WVU from 2013 to 2014, is one of the best Mountaineer quarterbacks in recent memory. After retiring from the game following a string of concussions, Trickett immediately landed on his feet in coaching.

His career has taken him from East Mississippi Community College, to Florida Atlantic University, and to Marshall University where he currently serves as the offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach.

Following a successful 2022 season, Trickett was on WVU’s radar with the departure of Graham Harrell. It now appears as if the possibility of Trickett returning to Morgantown has come and gone.

According to a report from 247Sports, Trickett was in talks with the Mountaineers to return as an assistant coach, but negotiations fell apart and the 31-year old opted to remain in Huntington.

Seems like a pretty simple situation, right? Maybe the two just couldn’t come to an agreement? Well, a tweet Trickett recently liked and then un-liked may paint a different picture.

The Smoking Musket tweeted the following;

“I don’t blame Clint for turning down the OC job one bit. I’d love to see him back in Morgantown eventually and hope we get there but there is no reason for anyone to sign up for this mess and risk adding “fired after one year as WVU’s offensive coordinator” to their resume.”

It’s a fair point – one that many will agree with…apparently even Trickett himself.

After many fans saw that he liked the tweet, they began to share screenshots. The tweet has since disappeared from his likes.

The fact of the matter is, however, that he saw and liked the tweet. This could indicate that he sees the writing on the wall. Neal Brown is on the hot seat and will be coaching for his job in 2023. Trickett doesn’t want to be doing the same.

Without a doubt, Trickett made the safest move for his career in remaining in Huntington.