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Schools and programs all across the nation are working tirelessly to ensure that College Football can be played this fall. With COVID-19 still running rampant around the country, protocols are of the utmost importance.

Today, news leaked that one program in the Mountain West has become the first attempting to cut corners through this process.

According to Miles Blumhardt of Coloradoan, the Colorado State Rams players have come forward about the administration attempting to “cover up” COVID-19.

In this report, players accuse coaches of instructing them to not report any Coronavirus symptoms. If they should, this would result in a loss of playing time for them. This would also sidetrack any chance of an outbreak among the team being reported to the media.

One player accused the program of not caring solely about the health and safety of the team, but rather that “money” was their main concern. A staff member within the athletic department even claimed that there were “red flags” within the program, and that the priority was shaping to be “coaches before student athletes.”

CSU athletic director Joe Parker voiced his displeasure with the allegations against the program, and would plead that student athletes are the “most tested” group of individuals in the nation.

If these prove to be true events, then this could potentially begin to come into light throughout the nation. College Football needs to move forward, but it needs to be done safely.

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