Colorado’s Potential Move to the Big 12 Picking Up Steam

(Photo by Colorado Athletics) 

With the Big 12’s expansion talk being louder than usual, Colorado is the school garnering the most attention. Athletic Director Rick George spoke on the topic with Buffs Wire earlier this week.


Boulder, Colorado – The Colorado Buffaloes are hot on the expansion trail as of late. With the Big 12 rumored to expand with several additions, many expect the Buffs to be the first team to receive the invite – and accept.

Many random social accounts have reported that Colorado will be making the move any day now, but that has yet to come to fruition. However, Colorado Athletic Director Rick George recently spoke with Buffs Wire about the subject, and many of his quotes were quite…interesting.

Rick George on Colorado’s potential move to the Big 12: 

“We’re members of the Pac-12, we’re proud members of the Pac-12 and we’ve got to see where our media rights deal lands and where our conference goes. In a perfect world, we’d love to be in the Pac-12, but we also have to do what’s right for Colorado at the end of the day. We’ll evaluate things as we move forward.”

There it is, folks. While Colorado certainly hopes that their athletics can remain in the Pac-12, George does leave the door open for their potential exit.

According to Justin Walker of Couz’s Corner, Colorado currently has two “Special Board Meetings” scheduled for next week. This will be something to keep an eye on for fans and media of the Big 12.

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