With the beginning of the NCAA approved six-week practice period for football coming in mid-July, Mountaineer quarterbacks Jarret Doege and Austin Kendall are set to battle it out for the starting gig. While almost every fan expects the reigns of the offense to be handed to Doege, Head Coach Neal Brown has left the door open for Kendall to reclaim his position. Though it is not likely to happen at West Virginia, many College Football programs have used a two quarterback system for their offense. However, should Neal Brown deem it necessary, could a two quarterback system work at WVU?


Our kneejerk reaction is no, a two quarterback system could not work at WVU. Many of the offenses that use this system have two guys with completely different skill sets. While one may fall under the “scrambling” persona of a quarterback, the other is likely regarded as a “pocket passer.” For West Virginia, both Kendall and Doege are pocket passers with limited mobility. Exchanging the two periodically throughout the game would not add a running element to the game, nor would it likely affect the way the offense is called in any way. Which brings us to the next point; Neal Brown’s offensive scheme is simply not built for two quarterbacks simultaneously.


In an air raid offense, the timing between the quarterback and receivers is crucial. Continually swapping out the signal-caller could lead to major inconsistencies, and would ultimately cause the offense to severely sputter. With the Big 12 being a quarterback driven league, you need to be set on one quarterback, and allow him to implement himself as the leader. What having two quarterbacks would do is cause the offense to have no sense of direction, and could significantly tarnish their identity as a whole.


Though the chance of this system happening in Morgantown is slim to none, being set on one quarterback will be the difference between bowl eligibility and spending the holidays at home again. Once Neal Brown decides on which signal-caller to go with, he should give them an extended leash pending horrendous performance. If the offense is going to improve, it starts at the quarterback position. Even consistently switching the starters from game to game could hurt the rhythm of the offense tremendously. When September 5th rolls around, they need to be set on one guy and one guy only. Will it be Doege or Kendall? Only time will tell, but it should be a fun competition to watch play out nonetheless.