COVID-19 Total Cases Showing Improvement; Good Sign for College Football

I understand that COVID-19 is a scary thing — but has anybody truly been paying attention to the numbers lately?

Since the pandemic began in March, I have been checking the internet every single day to learn the newest developments of the disease. While we have certainly had some bleak moments, the outbreaks of July and early August are appearing to be slowing down.

According to The New York Times, the total number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases took a dip to 24,920 on August 20th in the United States. Though this may seem to be a lot, just take into account the number of new cases the U.S. was encountering only a month ago.

It was nothing for the country to experience upwards of 65,000 cases daily for weeks at a time. Dr. Anthony Fauci even stated that he feared that the United States would reach that grim number of 100,000 cases daily — but we never got there.

What does this mean for College Football? Well, nobody is exactly sure, but it’s certainly promising. If the cases remain down, it reduces the public’s chances with the disease. If we fail to contain it, we may be looking at a fall without any College Football whatsoever.

What we must keep an eye out for, however, are breakouts within college campuses. If campuses become hotspots in the near future, expect a knee-jerk reaction by several university presidents and conference leaders.

Always keep an eye on COVID-19 numbers if you love College Football. The lower the cases, the better chance we have of watching the sport we love in 2020.

Wear a mask and stay safe.