Yesterday, a video surfaced of Dabo Swinney saying what some consider to be insensitive remarks during a 2016 press conference. Many on Twitter were unhappy with his statements, and some players even voiced their displeasure with the Clemson Coach.

Bryce Langston is a 4-star defensive end from Ocala, Florida. He shared his opinion on the video, asking “How could y’all even play at Clemson after seeing this?” Langston is prepared to pick between Florida and LSU, but never garnered any interest from Clemson.

West Virginia wide receiver T.J. Simmons also shared a cringe with his followers over the video.

No words, no opinion, a simple emoji was enough from Simmons for him to show his true emotions regarding the video.

It may seem as if Swinney was simply sharing his opinion, but the locker room has to be taken into consideration when situations like this arise. If players who are not even affiliated with Clemson feel this way, imagine what the Tigers feel.