Dan Dakich is AWFUL

Morgantown, West Virginia – ESPN commentator Dan Dakich was once the Head Coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers…for 8 days.

When Dakich took the position in 2012, former 5 star recruit Jonathan Hargett allegedly approached his new coach and said he was owed $20,000 from West Virginia University.  Dakich took this information to West Virginia University’s President at the time David Hardesty.

Hardesty, according to Dakich, claimed that Hardesty said, “If you go any farther with this, we’ll destroy you.”  Dakich claimed during today’s West Virginia VCU game that the WVU President “came for him, which Hardesty vehemently denies.

Dakich decided to leave the team after 8 days on the job and go back to his old team, Bowling Green.  This, of course, led to the hiring of John Beilein.

Dakich leaving was one of the best things that ever happened to West Virginia University sports.  Now, as an analyst and commentator for ESPN, Dakich takes every opportunity that he has to bash and take shots at West Virginia.

Not only is Dakich clearly still bitter and angry towards West Virginia, his announcing style is that of an angry old uncle spouting nonsense from his couch.  Dakich’s record as a coach is 159-144 overall with only 1 NCAA Tournament appearance in twelve seasons.