Dan Dakich Slams the State of West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Former West Virginia head coach Dan Dakich, who was the coach of the Mountaineers for 8 days before leaving the school, went on a tirade this morning on his show, “The Dan Dakich Show”, about Bob Huggins and the state of West Virginia.

Dakich, who has made his negative feelings about Huggins and the West Virginia basketball program known for years, said this morning that Bob Huggins is “toe jam” and said that he can “rot in hell.” Dakich went on to say that Huggins is the “biggest dirtbag in the history of college athletics.”

Dakich then turned his attention to the state of West Virginia. Dakich said the following about the Mountain State: “I was only there for 8 days and saw what a terrible place it is. West Virginia is the dumbest, most backwards place on Earth.”