Dan Dakich Takes a Shot at Tony Caridi

Cover Photo: The Athletic 

Morgantown, West Virginia – Dan Dakich has created quite a stir among West Virginia fans in the past couple of days. Following West Virginia’s loss to Maryland in the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament, Dakich, who was named the head coach at West Virginia after Gale Catlett’s departure and quit after 8 days with the program, accused Bob Huggins of being a cheater, then followed that up by saying that him leaving the West Virginia basketball program “destroyed it.”

Now it appears that he’s going after longtime West Virginia radio play by play announcer and “Voice of the Mountaineers” Tony Caridi. Caridi, who is one of the most respected people in the industry, apparently said the following about Dakich at one point during his career on air: “Dan Dakich was the best thing that never happened to WVU.”

When a fan brought that up on social media yesterday, Dakich replied by saying, “Hahahaha….I kicked him out of the weight room…he was spying on us…so funny watching him slink out…tough guy later but scared to death.”

Caridi has yet to respond to the allegation and likely will take the high road and ignore Dakich. See the full quote below: