Debaba Tshiebwe Will Follow in His Older Brother’s Footsteps

On last night’s Olly Reed Show, Oscar Tshiebwe appeared and was asked, “Do you think your younger brother Debaba will be as good as you?”  Oscar replied, “I think he will be better.”

Oscar Tshiebwe, the fabulous freshman forward for the West Virginia Mountaineers, is destined for greatness.  He has the size, skill, drive and athleticism to be one of the most talented players to ever play for the Mountaineers.  Because of his incredible talent, it’s unlikely that he will stay at WVU for all 4 seasons and will almost certainly leave early for the NBA.  However, his younger brother will likely be on his way to Morgantown soon after he leaves.

Oscar has a younger brother, Debaba, who is making a name for himself as a young rising basketball star.  Debaba Tshiebwe, a 6’5 235 pound 16 year old, has plenty of time to grow but has already developed physically into an incredibly strong young man. Eric Hampford, the Director of Scouting for MADE Hoops, called the younger Tshiebwe “a physically dominant forward with a non-stop motor.”  That sounds very similar to his older brother, Oscar.

According to the WV Mpact, “Debaba is a physical specimen just like his brother was at a young age.  He didn’t have the greatest weekend offensively, but he showed that he is a monster on the glass and will alter shots.  The big man runs the floor well and has a high ceiling with his potential.  He is still raw and working on his game, but as a 2023 recruit, we know that soon he will be a beast and a force to be reckoned with.”

With four years to grow and mature, Debaba could potentially grow to be taller and even more polished than Oscar by the time he enters college.  Although there is obviously no guarantee that he will end up at WVU four years from now, I recently communicated with Debaba via text and asked him point blank if he would one day play for the Mountaineers.  His answer: “Yes, God willing.”