The COVID-19 pandemic is rearing its ugly head once again with cases all around the country spiking. As many universities are opening campus for voluntary workouts for both their football and basketball teams, a large number of players are testing positive for the virus. The more cases we have, the more the July starting point for mandatory practice in the NCAA seems like a long shot. If we want to have any hopes of a College Football season in 2020, the time is now to delay the season.

How far it could be delayed is anyone’s guess. However, being hellbent on starting the season on September 5th will only bring added stress to both the decision makers within the conferences as well as the athletic directors. Pushing back the start of the season to at least October would give all parties involved plenty of time to construct multiple contingency plans, as well as weed out the teams who plan to play, and those who do not plan to play.

With a delayed season, we will likely also have a shortened schedule. It is simply not feasible at this point that any team around the nation will be able to complete a 12-game season, especially if the start date is pushed beyond September 5th. With the threat of a second wave of the Coronavirus lingering in late fall, and teams rushing to play their entire conference slate, we could potentially see a 9 to 10 week season, with only conference opponents going head-to-head.

Everything seems like a nightmare at this point, but we will see football in 2020 in some sort or fashion. There is simply too much riding on a College Football season financially for every major program across the nation. It will likely come within the next few weeks, but College Football will all but surely have a decision on an altered within the next few weeks.