Derek Culver Makes it Official

Morgantown, West Virginia – Derek Culver is leaving West Virginia University and will pursue a career in the NBA.  After initially denying it, Culver has now officially admitted that he has signed with the Athletes Sports Management group.

In the statement posted on his official Instagram account, Culver said the following: “I released a statement earlier today that I would now like to clarify.  Some on social media have stated that I have left school.  In the heat of the moment, I responded on social media to refute those claims.

I have taken stoke of my college experience and am now undergoing the difficult decision to plan my future.  I have elected to forgo my senior year and and currently explore my professional options, which has a (been) a difficult decision that I have not taken lightly.

It’ is a long process for an athlete to turn professional. For those blessed with the opportunity to play as scholarship athletes, it is difficult to leave our adoptive college family.  I tried to articulate earlier that I had not officially announced my intentions publicly to leave school and that reports of me doing so were unconfirmed.  I refuted these claims as I felt that it was unfair for those who have supported me over the years to hear it from other sources before hearing it from me directly.

Now I would like to state on my terms that I am officially declaring for the NBA Draft and have signed with Athletes Sports Management (ASM).  I want to take this time to thank my family, teammates, and coaches for all the years of support.  I am looking forward to this next chapter.”

To be clear, ASM is not an NCAA-certified agent and Culver will not be able to return to West Virginia University now.  Culver averaged 14.3 points and 9.4 rebounds per game for the Mountaineers last season, but is not considered to be a potential pick in the 2021 NBA Draft by experts and analysts.

Culver has given West Virginia University three very solid seasons and we wish him nothing but the best!