Derek Culver Responds to Negative Fans

Morgantown, West Virginia – According to several West Virginia basketball players, many “fans” of the team have gotten out of hand on social media with criticism of the team.

Emmitt Matthews, Jr. revealed that he’s been told to kill himself and Taz Sherman followed up by saying that he’s had death threats to himself and his family after losses this season.

Now, Derek Culver has added his thoughts on the negativity that he has received from fans of the team.

On his personal Instagram account, Culver said the following:

“Ya’ll fans be acting like ya’ll breaking me in the DMs.”

Culver is referring to “fans” sending negative comments to him via direct messages on social media.

Culver continued: “Do ya’ll know where I come from? You think I give a **** about some words? Fool, people lose their lives at a fast rate where I come from, I don’t give a **** about some words.”

Culver the closed the message by warning anyone who tries to confront him in real life and not just on social media: “If one of ya’ll stepped to me in real life I would knock sonic rings from one of ya’ll MFs on B.

So all that DM’ing **** is wasting your time, trust me. Salt kills slugs not a P baby.”

Three Mountaineers have now spoken out about West Virginia “fans” sending inappropriate comments to them on social media.  Hopefully this comes to an end soon and the people responsible are held accountable for their actions.