Derrek Pitts Takes Shot at WVU….Again

(Photo by NBC Sports)

Former WVU safety turned Marshall player Derrek Pitts hasn’t been shy to publicly share his dislike for the Mountaineers. Today, he once again took a shot at WVU via Twitter — this time in regards to a mutual opponent of the Herd and the Mountaineers.

He should have used “were,” but Pitts would tweet “they was scoreless” today immediately following the WVU-EKU matchup. If you have been keeping track, Marshall beat Eastern Kentucky 59-0 while WVU allowed them to score in a 56-10 victory. Obviously, Herd fans will laughably use this as a way to compare themselves to WVU, and argue they are the better program. We have been expecting “shade” to eventually be thrown, and Pitts is the first Herd player to do so.

Take it as you will, but there is obviously bad blood between WVU and Pitts. No matter what, however, we all know WVU is the better program, and this is simply the former player voicing his frustrations.

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