Derrek Pitts Wants a Shot at His Former Team

After two seasons with WVU, safety Derrek Pitts took his talents to Huntington to play for Marshall. There was a lot of speculation as to why Pitts left the Mountaineers, and he was even brought up in Kerry Martin Jr.’s allegations against former defensive coordinator Vic Koenning.

Yesterday, Pitts took his Twitter to share his desire to play his former team — since we’re all “picking up games.”


“I’m tryna play WVU,” Pitts would say, referencing the sudden schedule restructuring of teams all across the nation.


Of course, anyone would love a chance at their former team. However, it makes one question his motivation behind wanting to play the Mountaineers. After what seemed to be such an ugly breakup, could there be some very hard feelings between WVU and Pitts?


Could Pitts have it out for head coach Neal Brown? We will never know, but it is still an interesting scenario to interpret.


It’s too late for 2020, but we should be open to giving Pitts what he asks for. If he wants the Mountaineers, let’s get the game scheduled and make the Mountaineers’ record against the Herd 13-0.


Be careful what you wish for.