Deuce McBride on Huggins and NBA Draft

Morgantown, West Virginia – Miles “Deuce” McBride is turning heads at the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago and today, he sat down with Fox Sports’ Andy Katz to discuss whether Bob Huggins deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, what he thinks of WVU fans and what’s going into his decision to remain in the NBA Draft or return for another year at West Virginia, among many other topics.

Katz: I’m not the only person who thinks Bob Huggins should be in the Hall of Fame.  What would be your best argument for putting him in?

McBride: 900 wins.  That says it all.  He’s been doing it with the best for as long as any of the best and he deserves it.

Katz: In normal times, without the pandemic, what’s it like playing in Morgantown?

McBride: Best atmosphere in America.  The fans are always rowdy and behind the guys.  I love it.

Katz: What’s the deciding factor in whether Deuce McBride is in a West Virginia uniform or an NBA jersey?

McBride: I’m just continuing to get feedback from NBA teams and gather information to make the best decision that I can.

Katz: Regardless of where you play, what’s one skill that you’ll be improved on next season?

McBride: The pick and roll, coming off the pick and roll and being a great decision-maker.

McBride has been impressive at the NBA Draft Combine and has likely played his way into the first round of the 2021 NBA Draft if he decides to remain in the draft.  Many analysts and experts consider McBride a late teens/early twenties pick in the 1st round while others consider him a late pick in the 1st round.

With that said, McBride will almost certainly decide to remain in the draft and pursue his dream of playing in the NBA.  He has until July 7th to make his decision.

McBride gave West Virginia two outstanding seasons and we wish him nothing but the best as a professional.

Check out his full interview with Andy Katz below: