Doege, WVU Has Huge Opportunity Saturday

Photo: Ben Queen / USA Today Sports 

This 2021 season has been filled with opportunities to make statements, but they have been squandered away each time. Today in Morgantown, another opportunity awaits, and West Virginia must take advantage of it.

Iowa State is coming off an upset win over Oklahoma State who were ranked 8th in the top 25. Iowa State is now 4-2, ranked #22 and is sitting solely in 4th place in the conference. All things considered, West Virginia has no business winning this game. Which makes it an even opportunity to show the country and conference that the Mountaineers are not bowing down halfway through the season.

Iowa State has proven they are beatable. They were drastically overrated coming into this season and it has showed. Stats wise, West Virginia and Iowa State are actually very similar.

Also, West Virginia is better than their record shows. WVU would be 5-2 or better barring turnovers and late game mishaps. All things considered, this game is a huge chance for West Virginia to truly get back into bowl contention. A loss could severely damage those chances.

QB Jarret Doege showed tremendous management and decision making in last weeks game vs TCU. It was arguably his best game this season. Saturday is another golden opportunity for Doege to regain the fanbase’s confidence. Not only to satisfy the fanbase, but he has a chance to solidify himself as QB1.

All in all, this is a big game for the entire program. It’s an opportunity that must not be wasted.