Esa Ahmad Calls Out Bob Huggins on Instagram

Former West Virginia basketball player Esa Ahmad opened up about coaches in basketball, presumably sharing his experience in college under Head Coach Bob Huggins.

Ahmad, who was dismissed from the team at the end of last season along with junior Wesley Harris for “violating athletic department rules”, went off on Huggins via Instagram, saying, “A team is only going to go as far as the coach lead em head of the snake.”

Ahmad, who now plays professional basketball in Europe, continued by saying, “All these fans be believing everything the coach say but don’t have a clue what go on behind the scenes so in reality if a a team is having a bad season all the blame gets puts on the players **** ain’t right.”

Ahmad continued: “But coaches be so quick to say “family.”  Nah at the end of the day it’s all a business and if it ain’t helping them then they are going to throw all types of shade.”

“Never supposed to turn your back on players or talk down on them especially when **** ain’t going right.”

That negative energy is toxic as hell and can definitely make **** worse that it is but something that you can control is your reaction and how you play it.”

Ahmad closed by adding, “Players trust these coaches and put their lives in their hands for 4 years of their lives and can make or break them.  But as soon as **** doesn’t go as planned, they switch up and talk bad on you but still expect players to run through a wall for them.  No matter how big a coach or a player might be, respect goes a long way and if you got the respect of your players, win, lose or draw they are going to lay everything out on the line for you because they know you are going to do the same.”

Although there is no specific mention of Bob Huggins or West Virginia University in these messages, it’s clearly a response to his time at WVU and how he felt he was treated by the coaching staff.