Esa Ahmad Offers Words of Wisdom

During these unprecedented, difficult times, it’s very important to remember that we’re all together in this and to look to our leaders for guidance and words of wisdom.

Former West Virginia Mountaineers basketball player Esa Ahmad, who recently ranted about his time in Morgantown on Instagram, took to the social media platform to offer his brilliant advice and to calm the fears of his fans.

Esa started by saying, “Ongoddd n just cause I ain’t tryna see mfs right now even my own fam don’t mean I love you less just trying to keep everybody healthy and safe mainly the kids!  Everybody gotta stop being so emotional and be smart about this **** and stay your *** at home. SMH.”

This brilliant advice was so needed at this time and Esa’s delivery and way with words makes him the absolute perfect leader to assuage our fears.

But he wasn’t done yet!  Ahmad continued with another powerful post, this time offering reminders about the seriousness of the deadly COVID-19 virus:  “You don’t know who got this ****.  Nobody is safe.  No symptoms don’t mean you don’t have it to body just now showing it. Literally the person next to you could have it!  

Ya one day ya momma, shit even the doctor you seeing to get tested.  Everybody is in the way, treat everyone like an enemy and stay away!”  

This is a very challenging time for everyone in the world, but we must continue to look to our true leaders like Esa Ahmad for guidance and counsel.