ESPN Releases Big 12 Record Predictions; Shows WVU No Respect

ESPN isn’t the most liked sports network out there — we all know that. But with how laughably horrendous their predictions are at times, it makes you wonder how they stay in business.

The “Worldwide Leader in Sports” released their College Football predictions today, and included in these were record predictions for each Big 12 team. Of course, with WVU bringing a bulk of their starters back and having a revised schedule that gives them a chance at a hot start they would be cut some slack, right? Well, think again.

ESPN has the Mountaineers going — you all will love this — 2-8….


Yes, the “Worldwide Leader in Sports expects WVU to finish the season 2-8 in their second year under Neal Brown.

Now of course, WVU will finish with a way better record than that. However, it is baffling how the biggest sports network in the world can drop the ball to this magnitude. WVU is a far better team than a 2-8 record, and they will prove that.

Until then, get your predictions from somewhere that knows College Football…not ESPN.