Fan’s Feelings Haven’t Changed on Neal Brown

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

Yesterday, the West Virginia Mountaineers ended a disappointing 2022 campaign with a 24-19 win over Oklahoma State. This was the program’s first victory over the Cowboys since 2014, and marked Neal Brown’s first victory over Mike Gundy.

Though some have taken a moment to let the victory sink in and even change their perspective on Neal Brown, others have remained negative. Honestly, the majority of Mountaineer fans still seem to want Brown relieved of his duties.

Here are some of the fan reactions on Twitter following WVU’s performance on Saturday:


While this is certainly understandable considering Brown has a 22-25 record over four seasons, we need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture here.

The Mountaineers pulled off the win yesterday, yes, but it’s how they did it that was so impressive. They did it with several YOUNG players, and showed a lot of fight for their head coach.

There were some fans that recognized this as well, including me:


There’s no telling where Gordon Gee and the university are at right now. They will obviously allow the new athletic director to make the decision, but it’s hard envisioning WVU attracting a coach suitable to replace Brown.

We are in for an interesting week as Mountaineer fans, no matter which side you are on.