Former Player Says It’s Time to Move on From Neal Brown

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


Today could have very likely been the last time Neal Brown roamed WVU’s sideline. The Mountaineers fell to Iowa State, the worst team in the conference, 31-14 in Ames.

Now sitting at 20-24 overall and 12-20 in Big 12 play, we should expect the announcement at any minute that WVU is moving on.

One former player, Terrell Chestnut, spoke out on Brown this evening on social media.

Here is what he had to say:


Though Chestnut does agree that Brown is a good coach, he no longer believes that he is the right man to lead WVU.

“We trusted the climb and the climb never happened.”


He is right in saying that this is a big responsibility carrying the entire state and university. Some people can handle it, and some just cannot, unfortunately.

It seems as if Brown simply can’t handle it. He is a kind man, but Chestnut is right – it is time to move on.

Stay tuned as we will keep you updated.