Former West Virginia Coach Calls Bob Huggins a Cheater

Morgantown, West Virginia – Former West Virginia head coach Dan Dakich went on a tirade yesterday on social media about current Mountaineers head coach Bob Huggins, referring to him as a “cheater” and saying that he doesn’t belong in the Hall of Fame.

Dakich, who was named the head coach at West Virginia after Gale Catlett’s departure from the team, quit and returned to his former job at Bowling Green following 8 days in Morgantown.

Dakich had the following to say about Huggins: “Bob Huggins as a Hall of Famer is proof that cheating pays in NCAA hoops. He and Bret Bearup had a cheat system going. Wonder how many coaches jobs were lost due to him cheating??!!! Hall of Fame my ass!”

Dakich’s accusations are supposedly centered around a former player named Keith McLeod. Dakich claimed that McLeod was paid $10,000 but the details surrounding this are very murky. We reached out to Dakich for clarification and have not yet heard back from him.

Dakich is now the host of the YouTube show called “Don’t @ Me! with Dan Dakich.”