Former WVU Cornerback Wants Tony Gibson

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

Mountaineers all across Twitter are stating their pick for WVU’s next head coach. Along with fans, former players are no stranger to this.

As for former WVU cornerback Terrell Chestnut, he is one of the former players who has spoken.

Chestnut, who played under Tony Gibson during his time in Morgantown, wants the Mountaineers to reach out to Gibson as their next head coach. While Gibson has no head coaching experience, he is a West Virginian, and he understands what the program means to this state.

Though it wouldn’t necessarily be mine or anyone else’s first choice, Gibson would be a good fit for the Mountaineers coaching wise.

And to top it all – players absolutely love him. It also helps his case that he can recruit with the best of them.