Former WVU Standout Asks for Prayers for His Family

Morgantown, West Virginia – Earlier today, former West Virginia Mountaineers defensive lineman Reese Donahue took to social media to ask for prayers for his father, who is in the ICU in critical condition with COVID.

In his message, Donahue said the following: “Those who know me know I do my best to be present in the real world rather than on social media and make a valiant attempt not to drag my issues of my own nor controversial topics onto this platform.  I also want to be that this this post is not to ask for attention or sympathy but only to ask for your prayers and to bring attention to a few important points.

“That being said I come to all those will listen.  My father has been in “critical condition” in the ICU with COVID for over 2 weeks and has been on the ventilator for greater than 10 days.  Today, he took a downward turn.  I ask at this time that you take a moment and to pray for him, but not only him, but all of those whom have been affected by COVID, and all of those whom have been affected by the multitude of unfortunate events that have been taking place around the world.

Please find a moment to hug your loved ones and those around you as you never know when when the little things you used to look over have now become the big things you miss.  I also ask that if you do not know Christ to approach someone who does and ask about Jesus.”

Donahue, originally from Milton, West Virginia, played for the Mountaineers from 2016-2019, playing in 49 career games and finishing with 108 tackles, including 54 unassisted tackles, 5.5 sacks, 11.5 tackles for loss, a pass breakup and a fumble recovery.