Fraschilla: “Huggins Drama Could Cause Long-Term Damage to WVU Hoops”

Bob Huggins claims that he never resigned as the head coach at West Virginia and wants his old job back.

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Bob Huggins has always claimed that he loves West Virginia University and the state of West Virginia, but according to one ESPN analyst, his actions are causing more harm than good to the basketball program.

Fran Fraschilla, an ESPN College Basketball Analyst and former head coach, said that Huggins could actually be doing long-term damage to West Virginia basketball.

“The Bob Huggins’ situation is strange and can now cause long-term damage to West Virginia hoops,” Fraschilla said. “It not only affects the program right now, but any high-quality candidate from outside of ‘the family’ has to think twice about the potential soap opera ahead.”

Fraschilla concluded by adding, “It’s sad, because for many reasons, this job has explosive potential.”

Fraschilla certainly makes a fair point. Huggins’ shadow could potentially remain over the program for many years, particularly if he continues to fight the university. West Virginia has tremendous fans, has one of the best practice facilities in the nation and plays in the top conference in college basketball, but potential future coaches may re-consider coming to Morgantown with the Huggins’ drama looming over the program.