Gabe Osabuohien Named One of the Top GLUE GUYS in the Nation

Morgantown, West Virginia – Although Gabe Osabuohien is not a starter and only averages 1.6 points per game, he may be one of (if not the) most important players on the West Virginia Mountaineers this season.

And according to CBS Sports’ Jon Rothstein, Osabuohien is one of the top glue guys in all of college basketball!  Rothstein released his list of the “Top 10 Glue Guys in College Basketball”, and Osabuohien was an obvious choice.

Rothstein said of Osabuohien: “Can a player be on this list and average just 1.6 points? Yes, if that player is Osabuohien. The 6-7 forward is an elite defender with magical feet that allows him to cover ground all over the court. There are no 50-50 plays with Osabuohien on the floor — they’re 90/10 in favor of West Virginia.”

Osabuohien also averages 4.5 rebounds per game, but it’s all of the little things that he does that don’t show up in the box scores really matters.  In addition to being “the anchor of the West Virginia defense”, according to Bob Huggins, he’s also one of the top players in the country at taking charges.

‘”For me to get real time, I knew I had to play defense and stuff like that,” Osabuohien says. “Once I did that, landing that time on the court and playing however many minutes I do is by playing hard. I stuck with it and kept being the guy that does the little stuff that nobody else wants to do if that was going to land me on the court.”

Osabuohien, a senior, has the option to return to West Virginia University for one more season next year if he chooses due to the NCAA pandemic rules.  West Virginia fans would not only like him to come back next season, but for many, many seasons in the future!  He’s a hard worker, the ultimate team player and the very definition of a true Mountaineer!