Garrett Greene Has Earned Immediate Playing Time

Morgantown, West Virginia – Redshirt freshman Garrett Greene’s first meaningful action in his young career was nothing short of magical.  Although he missed a few throws, Greene added an entirely new dimension to the West Virginia offense and he absolutely earned legitimate playing time for the Mountaineers for the remainder of the season.

Neal Brown’s offense finally made sense with Greene playing.  Brown’s offense is only effective when the quarterback is a threat to keep the ball and run with it.  Jarret Doege does not provide that threat.  On the other hand, Garrett Greene is precisely the player to lead and excel in this offense.

We all knew that Greene was fast, but he’s really fast and has a twitch about him that makes him particularly difficult for defenders to catch and tackle.

West Virginia’s lackluster offensive line makes Greene even more necessary.  When West Virginia’s quarterbacks face pressure – and they face pressure often – Doege generally lowers his head and takes the sack.  Greene is able to escape pressure, extend the play and make something happen downfield.  This is perhaps the most glaring advantage that Greene brings to the team.

If Neal Brown is hellbent on continuing to play Doege (and it appears that he is), it would be foolish of him to not create packages for Greene to make things happen when the offense is stagnant (which it often will be with Doege in the game).

Greene’s elite quickness and elusiveness gives the Mountaineers something they haven’t had for many, many years.  Garrett Greene is the type of quarterback that can turn ugly plays into something spectacular, and who can beat a team with his arm and his legs.  Greene is exactly what the Mountaineers need right now to compete in the really tough games coming up on the schedule.

Hopefully it doesn’t take West Virginia losing against Virginia Tech and Oklahoma in the next two games before Neal Brown realizes it.