Garrett Greene Has Still Never Been Given a Real Chance at Quarterback

Morgantown, West Virginia – Something that is said quite often that just doesn’t make sense is “I’m not sold on Garrett Greene as a quarterback yet.”

Neal Brown’s offense with starter Jarret Doege is very different than the one that is used when Greene enters the game.  Greene is essentially used as a wildcat/option quarterback and has not been given a real opportunity to show whether he can throw the ball downfield or not.

For those saying, “Well, he clearly hasn’t shown that he can perform in practice and so Neal Brown isn’t going to just throw him in the game and let him pass”, remember that this is the same head coach that said that Jarret Doege was his “most improved player during the offseason.”

Brown’s judgment cannot be fully trusted based on that statement alone.  In addition, many players are not as effective in practice as they are in games and vice versa.  Some players are outstanding practice players and play poorly in games.  Perhaps this is the case with Jarret Doege.  Others, like Garrett Greene, who is clearly a real fiery competitor, shine in games when it matters.

Giving Greene a real opportunity requires more than simply putting him in for obvious run plays.  Greene is a capable passer and must be given a chance to show that he can get it downfield at this level.

The Minnesota Gophers have one of the best defenses in the nation this season, and if/when Jarret Doege struggles again when it counts in a bowl game, a real exit strategy must be in place.  Let Garrett Greene loose and allow him to be the quarterback that he’s capable of being.

Garrett Greene is not only a mobile, elusive athlete, he’s also a quarterback who can sit in the pocket and throw downfield as good or better than Jarret Doege.  Enough of this nonsense about him not being able to make the reads, give him a real chance to be Garrett Greene before it’s too late and he leaves the team.