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(Photo by WVU Athletics) 

After a stellar career with the Mountaineers, Geno Smith was expected to elevate his talents at the next level. Given the right situation he could have certainly excelled, but he was instead drafted by the quarterback killing New York Jets.

The Florida native would be released from the Jets and have brief stints with the Giants and Chargers before landing with the Seahawks. Following Russell Wilson’s departure, Smith was named starter going into the 2022 season. Not many expected much from Smith or the Seahawks given his track record in the NFL.

As we learned, that narrative was quickly turned upside down.

Smith led the Seahawks to the playoffs and put together one of the best seasons statistically in the NFL. This amazing story hasn’t went unnoticed, either.

Moments ago, Geno Smith was officially named the NFL’s Comeback Player of the Year.


Just like a Mountaineer, Geno Smith was down but never out!




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