Get To Know the Staff – Logan Bennett (Intern)

What’s Your Name?

Logan Bennett

How Old Are You?

20 years old

Single or Married?

Very single

Best Dating Advice to Your Younger Self?

Just because they’re hot doesn’t mean you can ignore the red flags.

Pet Peeve?

People who chew with their mouth open. Or if they slurp their drink.

Favorite Social Media App?

TikTok (unfortunately)

Least Favorite Social Media App?


Favorite Food?

My grandma’s meatloaf

Favorite Movie?

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Favorite Song?

“A Song For You” by Leon Russell

Favorite Book?

“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins. Absolutely changed my life

How Long Have You Been a WVU Fan?

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t a WVU fan, so I guess 20 years.

Favorite Mountaineer Memory?

Us destroying Clemson at the Orange Bowl. Need I say more?

All-Time Favorite WVU Player?

Pat White

Worst WVU Memory?

This is going to be an absolute hot take. Tavon’s night vs Oklahoma is one of the best games of all time. He proved that he is an absolute legend and one of the best players in Mountaineer history. But that loss still haunts me to this day. I can’t go a day without thinking of it. Just to know we were so close, yet so far.

Do You Trust The Climb?

I will always Trust The Climb, but it sure is hard sometimes.

Thought on Bob Huggins?

We can’t ignore his numerous victories, but sometimes he just needs to sit on his stool and keep his mouth shut.

Last Words For The People?

“Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory lasts forever.” – Shane Falco