Governor Jim Justice Photographed at Football Game with NO MASK

Huntington, West Virginia – Governor Jim Justice was in attendance today to see the undefeated, 16th-ranked Marshall Thundering Herd beat Middle Tennessee 42-14.  The game was played on the 50th Anniversary of the tragic Marshall plane crash in 1970.

While Justice wore a mask at times during the game, he was also photographed without his mask on, which violates the very guidelines that he has put in place to keep all West Virginians safe.

On Friday, Justice not only cancelled all winter high school sports in the state, he also spoke to the people of West Virginia about the dangers of not wearing a mask.

“If you feel that you don’t want to wear a mask, then the answer is simple: don’t go into businesses or any other public buildings and risk harming your fellow West Virginians.  Too many of our neighbors are getting sick, going to the ICU, and dying.”

Justice continued: “I know, 8 months into this pandemic, we are all tired and frustrated.  I don’t like wearing a mask just as much as you, and I sure don’t want to see our fellow West Virginians in violation of the law.  However, no one has the right to risk anyone else’s health.

Justice, who is 69 years old and morbidly obese, is certainly in the “high risk” category for major health problems if he contracts COVID-19.

While Justice did wear his mask at times, does the Governor of the state of West Virginia need to be at a football game with thousands of people during a pandemic, especially in his condition?  In addition, as shown below, he did not wear his mask the entire day, putting himself and everyone he came in close contact with at risk.