Governor Justice Orders a “Stay at Home Order”

Jim Justice, the Governor of the great state of West Virginia, once again embarrassed himself in his press briefing to the state with a rambling message of hope and prayer.  He did – unlike his press conference over the weekend – have real answers today, however.  After showing up 25 minutes late to his conference, Justice declared Wednesday, March 25th as a “day of prayer in the state of West Virginia.”

“We’ve done the right stuff, which has led to only 16 positive test results so far.”  Justice implored people to stay home, continue to pray and help out the elderly.

Justice, following the advice of his advisers, ordered a “stay home order”, which will take effect tomorrow, March 24 at 8:00PM.  This stay at home order means that you can only leave your home to perform essential functions, like receiving food, medical care, checking on family members, going to your place of worship, etc.  If your business is non-essential, you will be immediately closed.

See the full video below: