Guessing How Much Weight Bob Huggins Has Lost

Morgantown, West Virginia – During Bob Huggins’ teleconference today, he said a lot.  He said that the Pitt game has been cancelled, he said the Mountaineers will be in the NCAA Tournament this season, he revealed his excitement about his players and the team, and he also claimed that he has indeed lost “some weight” during the pandemic.

How much weight is the question.  Huggins claimed that my eyeball guess of “40-50 pounds” was not even close, saying, “I’ve lost some weight, but it’s not anywhere close to 40-50 pounds.  It’s in the double-digits but it’s not that much.  Someone took a picture of me and said that I lost 40-50 pounds.  It’s not true, but if they want to spread rumors that’s fine.”

Despite Huggins insisting that he hasn’t lost that much, a picture is worth a thousand words and it’s abundantly clear that Huggins has slimmed down considerably.  Huggins, who is 6’3, likely weighed in the 300-320 pound range last season.  Today, he’s almost certainly below 300 pounds. Again, these are simply eyeball guesstimations, but the point is, he’s lost a considerable amount of body weight and that’s all that really matters.

Huggins, 66, has suffered from obesity and heart-related issues for some time now, and a rededication to health and weight loss is an outstanding sign for West Virginia fans everywhere.

Bob Huggins says I’m way off, but I trust my eyes and my gut…

Weight Guess:  280 (down approximately 40 pounds from last season)