“Herd That” With Miraculous Comeback Win

Moments ago, Marshall alumni team “Herd That” completed a miraculous comeback to get a 102-99 win over Floyd Mayweather’s “The Money Team” in the 2nd round of The Basketball Tournament (TBT).

Herd That finished the game on a 16-2 run and was able to get to 101 points first in the Elam Ending.  The Money Team was up big in the first half (40-24 after the 1st quarter), but Herd That continued to stay in the game with incredible hustle and determination.

Remember, Best Virginia, the West Virginia Alumni team, was scheduled to play Herd That in the first round of the TBT before being forced to withdraw after several players contracted COVID-19.  Although it’s typically difficult to cheer for a Marshall team,this Herd That team that West Virginia can really get behind.

Herd That moves into the Quarterfinals to likely play Overseas Elite, one of the best remaining teams in the tournament.