Holgorsen and Brown: On The Same Sinking Ship


Morgantown, West Virginia – The Houston Cougars had aspirations of being the second Group of 5 team to make it to the College Football Playoffs, and the West Virginia Mountaineers had high aspirations themselves with incoming Quarterback JT Daniels of being a darkhorse in the Big 12 this year. Going into week 6, those hopes are dead as a doornail.

Both teams sit at 2-3 on the season, and both look mediocre at best. In Houston’s case, they have losses against Texas TechKansas, and Tulane. As for West Virginia, they have losses against rival Pittsburgh, Kansas, and TexasNOT great for EITHER school, which both have high aspirations year in and year out.

Houston fired Major Applewhite after an 8-4 season in 2018, and West Virginia essentially booted Bill Steward for similar results in his tenure as head coach. What this means is that both schools expect seasons above 7-5 every year, and with the way Holgorson and Brown have been coaching, their firing seems imminent.

Houston will likely fire Holgorson at the end of the season, due to the fact that they have a strong booster program that was willing to pay him more than what he got here at West Virginia.

If a Group of Five program can fire their head coach, then we certainly can!

Why does this matter?

It matters BECAUSE both programs are in an eerily similar situation. Both schools can part with their coaches and get someone in there to fix them up, or else they will be stuck in mediocracy or worse in the years to come.

SERIOUS improvements must be made immediately.  These were both strong and proud programs that have been in the national spotlight numerous times. If they want to be there again, I believe there should be serious changes to each program.