Homosexual Catholic Challenges Bob Huggins to Meet With Him

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Earlier today, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins got into some major trouble when he referred to Xavier fans as “Catholic f**s” on live radio. The incident has become national news and many are reacting obviously negatively about the slur.

Chris Seelbach, the former President of Cincinnati’s City Council, issued a statement on his personal Twitter account, calling out Huggins. Seelbach had the following to say to Huggins: “40% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously consider suicide because of this backward nonsense. I’m a Xavier graduate. I’m Catholic. I’m gay. Hey, Coach Huggs, how about a meeting between you, me and some other “Catholic f**s?”

Huggins issued a public apology, saying that he was “embarrassed”, “ashamed” and “heartbroken” about the incident and will accept any punishment that comes his way for it.