Houston Fans Want Dana Holgorsen Fired

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The grass hasn’t been so green on the other side for Dana Holgorsen at Houston. If you remove his 12-2 record with the Cougars in 2021, the former WVU head coach has compiled a record of 9-16 in nearly two and a half seasons.

Tonight, the Cougars dropped to 2-3 on the season following a 27-24 loss to Tulane in overtime. Holgorsen and the Cougars were crippled with many frustrating mistakes and questionable coaching decisions that ultimately cost the game. The most prominent of all being Holgorsen’s decision to go on offense first after winning the coin toss in overtime.

As to be expected, this loss isn’t sitting well with many fans. Not only have they sounded off on social media, but even the fans at the stadium voiced their displeasure. This was evident in Holgorsen’s reaction to the crowd. as the game headed to overtime.

As the “boos” began to rain in, Holgorsen turns to the crowd shouting “shut the f**k up” as he threw his hands up in the air. Not a good look for someone who is coaching for his job.

These fans also haven’t held back their punches on Twitter…


This is just not a good look for Dana Holgorsen…there’s simply no way around it.

If he wants to continue coaching at Houston, or even beyond Houston, he simply has to clean up his act. His antics on the sideline will get him absolutely nowhere, and honestly, will continue to drag his name farther and farther down this black hole he’s created for himself.

It seems as if Shane Lyons and Gordon Gee were correct when they decided not to extend Holgorsen. While his antics may have been fun to watch, they honestly weren’t a good look. In the end, they will only make him lose his team and hurt his chances at employment later on down the road.

How long will Holgorsen last at Houston? Who knows? But I wouldn’t be surprised to hear the news of his termination in the near future.

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Clark Johnson
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