Houston Recruiting Tanking Under Holgorsen

It’s the quote that West Virginia fans will never forget; Dana Holgorsen, following his abrupt departure from Morgantown on his way to Houston, famously said, “We weren’t going to get high school kids at West Virginia that we were going to win the Big 12 with.”

Holgorsen, in his first true recruiting class during his tenure at Houston, has absolutely crapped the bed and has failed in such a complete and irreparable fashion, that it’s hard to believe that he once complained about recruiting in West Virginia.

Holgorsen’s 2020 class is so pathetic, so woeful that it ranks 93rd overall, which is below teams like Florida International (86), Lousiana-Lafayette (87), North Texas (88), Coastal Carolina (92), and tied with Georgia Southern for 93rd.

The average star ranking for Holgorsen’s class is 2.24, which means that he’s essentially getting 2 star recruits in Houston. In fact, out of the 17 total recruits in the 2020 class, only six were 3 stars, and there were zero 4 and 5 stars.

West Virginia, on the other hand, ranks 28th overall in the nation and has a 3.1 average star ranking. The Mountaineers’ 2020 class, of course, ranks higher than any class during Holgorsen’s time in Morgantown.

Remember, Holgorsen never recruited any of the top recruits in the state of West Virginia and essentially ignored one of the best, most celebrated recruits in the Mountain State’s history, Darnell Wright, who went on to play for the Tennessee Volunteers.

Since Neal Brown has taken over, seventeen players have entered the Transfer Portal and only one of those players, Josh Sills, has gone to a Power 5 Conference team.  Sills of course transferred to Oklahoma State, but the other sixteen players went on to play at non-Power 5 schools, which speaks to the quality and level of players Holgorsen recruited at West Virginia.

Dana Holgorsen is not a leader and he certainly is not a talented recruiter.  At best, Holgorsen is an offensive coordinator who can draw up plays with little other redeemable value for a football program.