How to Improve the WVU Gameday Experience Immediately

Morgantown, West Virginia – While West Virginia University has made massive renovations over the past several years to the football stadium and practice facilities, they have absolutely neglected perhaps the most important aspect of the game day experience for the 60,000 fans that pay good money for tickets.

The WiFi.  

I’m very aware that this seems like a petty complaint, but if you look around the stadium (or virtually anywhere people gather), people are on their phones.  Connection to the outside world is a huge part of life in 2021 and it’s incredibly frustrating when the WiFi is subpar or entirely unusuable.

At Milan Puskar Stadium, poor cellular reception and atrocious internet signal makes cellphone-obsessed fans uncomfortable and eager to leave the game, whether the Mountaineers are winning big or losing.

Today’s consumer has a very short attention span and football games are often long, boring affairs for the non-football fan.  Typically, children spend most of the game annoyingly begging their parents to go home, which makes the game extremely un-family friendly.

West Virginia University should stop ignoring the fans’ desire to be connected and instead embrace it by adding free world-class WiFi within Milan Puskar Stadium for all.  This is a simple, relatively-inexpensive way to massively improve the experience for all Mountaineers.