Huggins Bashing His Players Doesn’t Help His Team

Morgantown, West Virginia – It was another underwhelming performance by the West Virginia Mountaineers and another post game interview filled with Bob Huggins trashing his players’ effort and performance.

Huggins referred to his team as “the worst defensive team that I’ve ever coached.”  He went on to question their effort, their heart, their desire to win games and finished by saying that their win on the road in the Big 12 Conference essentially meant nothing.

While there can be something said of constructive criticism in private, how exactly is him ranting and raving about his players in public helpful?

Does Huggins truly believe that getting on the radio after every game and criticizing players’ effort is somehow going to translate into improved play?

What is the meaning behind his words?  What is he trying to accomplish?  What is his end game?

You don’t find many coaches at any level that so openly and brazenly lambaste his/her players.  It’s simply not an effective method of communication or teaching.  While I may not have 893 career wins, it’s not hard to see that this form of discipline(?) is disadvantageous.

Bob Huggins is no doubt “old school” and highly values toughness.  While it can be argued that today’s players are soft, publicly shaming the effort of players doesn’t seem to have any advantages at all.  Again, he’s won 893 games in his long and illustrious career, but not one of those games were won due to him complaining about players to a bunch of reporters.

Huggins is above questioning and walks on water in the state of West Virginia, but perhaps he should self-reflect and re-consider his post game comments.

Bob Huggins is an intelligent, accomplished coach, but the incessant bashing of players in public is senseless and illogical.