Huggins Calls This Team His “Worst Defensive Team Ever”

Morgantown, West Virginia – Bob Huggins, following his team’s 76-72 win at Iowa State, called this team is “worst defensive team he’s ever coached.”

“I’m going to probably get in trouble for this, but this is my worst defensive team I’ve ever coached.  And I’ve been doing this a long time.  My teams in the past cared about playing defense.  They felt bad if they let their team and teammates down.  This team doesn’t seem to care.”

Analyst Jay Jacobs asked a very appropriate question about why this team always give up three point shots after opponents drive to the basket and kick it to the corners.  Huggins replied, “It’s all about wanting to play defense.  It’s all about closing in on the shooter and getting a hand up.  Our guys just stop defending.”

Huggins went on to say that “beating a team that hasn’t won game in conference all year is nothing to jump up and down about.”

The Mountaineers now have a brutal upcoming schedule with games against Kansas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Baylor twice in a row and Texas over the next six games.

Huggins didn’t hold back and said he’s concerned about the stretch of games coming up for his team: “Tonight doesn’t give me any hope.  We’re getting ready to play the big boys and I don’t feel great about where we’re at right now.”