Huggins’ Daughter: “Genuinely Scared for WVU’s Future”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — It was announced yesterday that West Virginia President E. Gordon Gee’s contract has been extended and he will remain the university’s president until 2025. Gee posted a message on social media, thanking those who have put faith in him to remain President:

“Thank you to the Board for their faith in me and in the vision we share for the great University. I am grateful for the opportunity and look forward to continuing the important work we are doing. I love this University and the people of this state.”

Virtually every single comment on the post was negative, telling Gee “to resign”, etc. Today, Bob Huggins’ daughter, Jacque Huggins, reposted Gee’s message and said the following: “Genuinely scared for WVU’s future.” 

This isn’t the first time that Huggins’ daughter has spoken out against Gee and the university. Last month, Jacque posted a long tirade directed at Gee, saying, “To Gordon Gee and your board, be better and do better. Throwing stones at glass houses is also not how to represent such a great university. Treating someone like they don’t matter after they have given their whole heart and soul to your university? You could have helped, but chose to turn your backs. Not only on him, on the guys, the staff, the boosters, everyone. You’re the classless ones, the cowards, the backstabbers and most of all hypocrites. Do  your job that you were assigned to do and bring WVU back.”