Huggins Discusses McBride’s Future

Morgantown, West Virginia – There are uncertainties surrounding the West Virginia Mountaineers basketball team right now.

Will Taz Sherman, Sean McNeil and Miles “Deuce” McBride return for another season, or will they remain in the 2021 NBA Draft?

Bob Huggins seems to be fairly confident that his players will make the right decision.  On MetroNews’ Statewide Sportsline last night, Huggins said the following about the current state of his team:

“It’s a crazy time in college athletics.  You really don’t know who is coming and who is leaving.  We’ve got four guys that are looking at going into the draft.  You just don’t know how many slimy creatures that call themselves agents are slithering around and promising the world to these guys and not really being able to deliver anything.”

Asked specifically about Miles “Deuce” McBride, Huggins said he believes he’ll return.  “He’s here now, but I haven’t really sat down and had a conversation with him about it.  I think the family decision would be that he should stay and get his education.  I don’t believe that he is going to bail out on his education, but that’s just me.”

McBride is considered a potential second round pick if he were to remain in the 2021 NBA Draft and he has made it clear that playing professionally is his ultimate goal.  Sean McNeil and Taz Sherman are not considered likely to be drafted at this point, but both will receive an evaluation by NBA scouts and executives.