Huggins Discusses Seniors Returning

Morgantown, West Virginia – Last night on Billy Hahn’s “The Press Virginia Podcast”, Bob Huggins was the guest on the show’s season finale.

Hahn, Huggins’ former assistant coach and close friend, asked Huggins if he thought seniors Taz Sherman and Gabe Osabuohien would return to play for the Mountaineers next season.

Huggins replied, “Well, I think there’s going to be a lot of variables that decide that.  If they have an opportunity to go play professional basketball and make some money, but my feeling is that the chances are really good that they’ll be back with us next season.”

Huggins continued: “People have to understand, if players have an opportunity to play this game and make money, it doesn’t last very long.  For guys to turn down opportunities like that is tough.

I think the realistic way to look at it is that the money is not what it was.  COVID has a lot to do with that.  You can’t have crowds and when you can’t have crowds, you aren’t going to make any money, particularly at that level.  Owners have a hard time making payroll and players don’t get paid what they used to.

I think it would behoove most everyone if they sat down and took a look at everything.  Coming back to work on their game, to work on a second degree and then moving on having gotten better with their game and having made themselves better people and more wanted, you are going to make more money in the end.”