I want to see Garrett Greene Today

Morgantown, West Virginia – After the first half against Eastern Kentucky, it’s very clear that this game is already decided.  The West Virginia Mountaineers are going to win their season opener today.

While Neal Brown will likely opt to play Austin Kendall in the second half, Garrett Greene should get the bulk of the snaps.  Greene, a true freshman from Tallahassee, Florida, is the future quarterback of the Mountaineers.

An opportunity to get him experience in his first game in a West Virginia uniform would be priceless for his growth.  While Austin Kendall is the undisputed second string quarterback, he is a veteran and simply doesn’t need the snaps or game day experience that Greene does.

Austin Kendall is an outstanding backup to Jarret Doege.  He’s a serviceable, average quarterback who should be counted on this season if Doege is injured.  However, he is not the future of the program.  Garrett Greene is.

Neal Brown doesn’t owe Kendall anything, even though Kendall transferred to West Virginia when the Mountaineers really needed him.  Brown’s continued use of Kendall as his starting quarterback last season was more than enough of an opportunity for him to prove himself.

Now it’s time for Garrett Greene to prove himself.  Jarret Doege has been incredible in the season opener, but in two years, Greene is going to have to take over for him.  In order for the West Virginia football team to grow and get better, Neal Brown should absolutely choose to play Greene over Kendall in blowout situations this season.