If Oklahoma Cancels, Bring on Marshall

Morgantown, West Virginia – As reported in our earlier article “West Virginia Oklahoma Game in Jeopardy”, data released today from the University of Oklahoma revealed that the University of Oklahoma had 16 positive tests and 24 active cases among student-athletes.

West Virginia, of course, is scheduled to play the Sooners this Saturday at home in the team’s regular season finale.  However, this game is looking less and less likely.

While it’s very short notice to schedule a game just over a week and a half away (December 18), Coastal Carolina and BYU were able to schedule a game just four days prior to their incredible game last Saturday.

The Marshall Thundering Herd, coming off an embarrassing 20-0 loss to Rice, stills thinks its the best team in the state of West Virginia.  With one game remaining this weekend against Charlotte, the Herd have an opportunity to finish the season 8-1.

As unfortunate as it is to admit, they would for the first time in a really, really long time (maybe the first time EVER) have a case to make for being called the best team in the state this season.

What better way to end the weirdest, most bizarre season in the history of college football than a December 18th matchup at Mountaineer Field featuring the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Marshall Thundering Herd?

While the Mountaineers hold a 10-0 career win record over the Herd, Marshall still considers West Virginia a rivalry and would gladly take this opportunity to finally get a win against the Mountaineers.

Typically, West Virginia scheduling a game against Marshall is a lose-lose proposition, but the Herd is very good this season, has been in the Top 25 most of the season, and a win against them would actually be a very good win for the Mountaineers.

If Oklahoma is able to travel to Morgantown to play West Virginia this weekend, it almost certainly won’t end well for the Mountaineers.  However, a finale win against one of the best Marshall teams in a long time would be an ideal end to one of the weirdest seasons ever for West Virginia.