If the Offense Doesn’t Improve, is it Time for Garrett Greene?

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

Believe me, I am still Jarret Doege’s biggest supporter. I have have faith that he is the answer for the Mountaineers, and that he has the potential to be one of the best signal-callers in the Big 12. However, I am not perfect, and I have been wrong before.


WVU’s offense struggled immensely Saturday against Oklahoma State. Whether the reason was solid defensive play by the Cowboys, or the offense not executing, I don’t know, I’m not the coach. What I do know, however, that if the offense continues to struggle, changes will come. One of those changes is likely to come at the signal-caller.



True freshman Garret Greene is currently waiting in the wings behind Doege. While Doege is more of a traditional pocket passer, Greene brings a new dimension to the field. His ability to use his feet and extend plays makes him more of a threat to defenses. Greene can also give the Mountaineers the opportunity to utilize the read option – an aspect of the offense that cannot be included with Doege.

Right now, WVU’s offense seems to be lacking what we call, “razzle dazzle.” Play-calling feels stale, and the play designs just appear to be standard. Though this certainly can work, and Doege has the passing ability to make it do so, the team may just be missing the excitement aspect on offense.

Garrett Greene could bring this excitement. Forcing the defense to defend him in the rushing game as well as the passing game could open up opportunities. We could see the Mountaineer offense excel to another level with the added dimension of the quarterback running game.

While at Troy, Brown utilized the quarterback running game regularly. It worked for him there, and having the athletic Garrett Greene would almost certainly work for him here. Of course, there’s a lot of time to get the offense corrected, and Jarret Doege is one hell of a quarterback – but the possibility always looms.

West Virginia will be looking to take a step forward on offense this Saturday against Baylor.