New “Haters” of WVU Will Be Back on the Bandwagon Eventually with Shame Following Them

One of Neal Brown’s goals as the Mountaineers’ head coach is to get the program to where they are playing “meaningful football” every November. What this means is he wants the Old Gold and Blue competing for conference and potentially national titles during the crunch-time portion of the season. With the 2020 schedule being as awkward as it is, it may just set up perfectly for West Virginia to be in the thick of the Big 12 race in late Fall. However, once they reach that point this season, what we see among the fanbase will be quite laughable.


When WVU defensive lineman Dante Stills revealed the team’s “BLM” (Black Lives Matter) sticker on the back of his helmet, Mountaineer Nation almost instantaneously imploded. Many so-called “fans” denounced their allegiance to the Mountaineers, and also displayed a plethora of hatred towards the players, coaches, and all of those involved with the program. While these individuals may be yelling that they are “done” with the team, we know they truly are not.


When the Mountaineers are in the thick of the Big 12 race this November, these fans turned haters will all be crawling out of the backwoods to jump back on the bandwagon. Though you have every right to do so being that is your freedom, the fans who supported the players and the players themselves will all remember the hell that has been raised over the course of the past day. All of the “I’m done,” and “I hope you lose every game” bullshit that has been passed around over the last 24-hours will always be held over your head…and it should be.


In a time when these players are standing up for something they believe in, you have done nothing but tear them down and mock their beliefs. And in turn, you want to cheer them on when they score touchdowns? No, it does not work that way. T.J. Simmons said it best when he tweeted that the “fans” only love athletes when they are on the field. Either stand behind the players through everything, or don’t stand behind them at all. You simply cannot cheer them on when the ball is in the air, and then accuse them of being “snowflakes” when they bring something that is bothering them into light.


This too shall pass, and all of the newfound haters will be right back in Milan Puskar Stadium when fans are allowed. If you are one of those fans, will it be on your conscience of how poorly you treated the players during this, or will you simply find your own satisfaction when points are put on the board as you guzzle down another Bud Light?


#TrustTheClimb and Let’s Go Mountaineers